Community Update: Week 22

This is what happened since the last community update:

Heroes Introduction

The heroes concept has been introduced on the DevBlog. The heroes constitute one of the major feature changes for this year. As already mentioned, heroes are special units that can be leveled and assigned to a town or a command. Each hero provides a unique effect which will greatly enhance the strategy in Grepolis. More information about how to acquire and manage the heroes are available in this blog post.

Monthly Feature Voting

As you might have noticed in the game, the first monthly feature voting has started! Click on the icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to access the survey window and rate the three features that come directly from the community. Once you have submitted your ratings you can check the survey results (updated once a day) in your settings window. With the Monthly Feature Voting we want you to vote for your favorite features and decide which one is going to be implemented in the game with the next update.

The current suggestions open for rating in this sprint are:

  • Report Times Including Seconds
  • Option to Cancel a Town Founding
  • Option to Recall Support from Selected City

Grepolis App

Today, we have just announced the release of our Grepolis App for iOS and Android planned for this summer. This new mobile App will have a lot more features than the Grepolis Toolbox on its release, however, it will not have all game features known from the browser version of the game available. We are working hard on improving the usability as well as the look of our mobile app, to ensure the best gaming experience when you are on the go. Stay tuned for more information about the Grepolis App in the upcoming weeks!

Second Videocast

The production of the second videocast is now done. We are currently in the process of translating the subtitles into all different languages we have on Grepolis. We are aiming to release the videocast sometime next week!

Current Progress

The development of version 2.41 is ongoing. We are happy to announce that the heroes are now considered as fully finished. They will be enabled on beta with the next update, and tested on one market after that at first.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between May 23rd and May 29th:


  • 37 bug reports have been created this week
  • 19 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 6 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 30 bug reports are currently unresolved

Support activity

  • 6942 tickets opened
  • 7237 tickets answered
  • 6.04 hours average first response time
  • 161 tickets rated
  • 3.47 rate average (of 5)
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2 comments on “Community Update: Week 22
  1. A gamer Ro says:

    Congratulations for the Hero Videocast.

  2. Spiros says:

    Keep going!!!