Community Update: Week 23

This is what happened since the last community update:

Second Videocast

Last Friday, our second videocast was released, featuring the Heroes. The video already got around 75.000 views on Youtube, it is more than the first videocast. Thank you all for your support! If you haven’t seen the video, feel free to check it out here.

Monthly Feature Voting

Last week was the official first monthly feature voting. The results are the following:

  • Report Times Including Seconds rated 4.08/5
  • Option to Cancel a Town Founding rated 4.03/5
  • Option to Recall Support from Selected City 4.24/5

Therefore, we will integrate the third suggestion in the game with 2.42. Since the two other suggestions were rated over 4/5, we will keep them on our todo list and implement them as soon as we can! Thanks for all for your ideas and for participating in our vote.

Current Progress

The development of version 2.41 is coming to an end. We will soon make the Heroes available on our Beta server so that you can test them and give us your valuable feedback before we deploy them to the first market.

Weekly Stats

The following stats are for activity between May 30th and June 05th:


  • 45 bug reports have been created this week
  • 38 bugs have been resolved this week
  • 8 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid
  • 27 bug reports are currently unresolved

Bugs hot-fixed during the week

  • The World Wonder tab in the alliance window was not available after last update.

Support activity

  • 6740 tickets opened
  • 7078 tickets answered
  • 6.62 hours average first response time
  • 196 tickets rated
  • 4.13 rate average (of 5)
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8 comments on “Community Update: Week 23
  1. Thasoss says:

    When will be next monthly voting with new suggestions?
    Thanks for response.

  2. The truth says:

    Innogames is taking care of almost everything in a good way. It’s a good game.

    International teams… that’s is a different problem. Do not apply to the team. It’s a dictatorship there and you’ll me mistreated and played like a dog., yes, they treat people very well, team and players included.

    Someone must take care of some “military” that’s “killing the .pt team…

    Anyway, you’re doing a good job when we talk only about the game and it’s features. Kepp doing it and don’t forget the other problems.

    I’m worried…

  3. Hasan says:


    45 bug reports have been created this week
    38 bugs have been resolved this week
    8 bug reports have either been a duplicate or invalid

    how is that possible? 38+8=46 which exceeds 45???

  4. vtmacdaddy says:

    i’m confused…unless i am wrong, weren’t heroes supposed to be implemented when 2.41 comes out? the beta log-on page announcement says that 2.41 is out and i am not seeing any of the new features described in the announcement or hero stuff in-game. i don’t get 2.41 not really out yet?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Heroes have just not been activated on Beta yet. We want to do some minor fixes and additional polishing. Just give us some more time, heroes should be available on Beta within the next few days. πŸ˜‰

      • TheKing says:

        Heroes will soon be available on Beta.
        Which amount of time the other world will porbably have to wait ?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          It really depends on the feedback we get. If everything is working extremely well (on Beta), the other worlds might get the hero feature within a few weeks. If we see the need to tweak and polish things, the official release might be delayed.
          We really want to get this feature perfect! πŸ˜‰

  5. Yeah, I see the point of it all… thanks for sharing πŸ™‚