Rebalancing 2.0

There has been some time now to discuss the previously released information about our rebalancing … thus, we would like to share the pre-final changes in all detail!

I say “pre-final” because we are still open to discuss the changes with you. To get a better knowing on how you feel about the proposed rebalancing, we also setup a public survey, so just read through this blog entry and rate each individual change! Yes, this may take some time, but if you are a devoted fan of Grepolis just like I am, you sure won’t be bothered participating in that survey. πŸ˜‰

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I can also advise you to have a look at the current unit values (to compare different units):
English Wiki: Units


I won’t be talking about every unit separately, but rather provide a list of changed values.

Land units:

Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
archerΒ Archer
Blunt defense 6 7
Distance defense 12 13
horsemanΒ Horseman
Attack 55 60
catapultΒ Catapult
Population 15 10
Speed 1 2


Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
transportboat Transport Boat
Transport Capacity 20 26
trireme Trireme
Attack 180 250
Speed 9 18

Explanation: Right now, just very few people use the Transport Boat, as it is much slower than the Fast Transport Ship. By increasing the capacity of the Transport Boat, it will become a good option in not so time critical situations.

The Trireme should become a nice hybrid unit – slightly worse in the attack than the Light Ship and slightly worse in defense than the Bireme. But still, also due to it’s changed speed, it will become a good allrounder for quick reactions.

The Fire Ship (don’t confuse this with the Light Ship) will be completely removed from the game. We might find a suitable replacement for it (as a new unit) in the future, but for now, we will simply get rid of it. Keep in mind that we will remove all Fire Ships from the game along with the rebalancing update.

Mythical units:

Unit Changed value Old Value New Value
hydra Hydra Wood Costs 5400 Β 6750
Stone Costs 2800 3500
Silver Costs 3800 4750
Favor Costs 400 300
Attack 1000 1310
Sea Defense 715 1400
erynies Erinyes
Wood Costs 2500 3300
Stone Costs 5000 6600
Silver Costs 5000 6600
Favor Costs 480 330
Attack 1210 1700
Blunt Defense 688 460
Sharp Defense 688 460
Distance Defense 895 595
manticore Manticore Wood Costs 4400 5500
Stone Costs 3000 3750
Silver Costs 3400 4250
Favor Costs 405 270
Attack 945 1010
harpy Harpy Wood Costs 1600 2000
Stone Costs 400 500
Silver Costs 1360 1700
Favor Costs 130 85
Attack 266 295
Speed 25 28
cyclop Cyclop Wood Costs 2000 3000
Stone Costs 4200 5000
Silver Costs 3360 4000
Favor Costs 360 240
Attack 756 1035
Blunt Defense 945 1050
Distance Defense 1310 1450
minotaur Minotaur Wood Costs 1400 2500
Stone Costs 600 1050
Silver Costs 3100 5450
Favor Costs 202 180
Attack 450 650
Blunt Defense 675 750
Sharp Defense 300 330
Distance Defense 560 640
centaur Centaur Wood Costs 1740 2300
Stone Costs 300 400
Silver Costs 700 900
Favor Costs 100 70
Attack 156 134
Blunt Defense 150 195
Sharp Defense 450 585
Distance Defense 60 80
cerberus Cerberus Wood Costs 1250 1950
Stone Costs 1500 2350
Silver Costs 3000 4700
Favor Costs 230 180
pegasus Pegasus Wood Costs 2800 5000
Stone Costs 360 800
Silver Costs 80 200
Favor Costs 180 120
Blunt Defense 900 800
Sharp Defense 250 150
Distance Defense 300 200
medusa Medusa Wood Costs 1500 1100
Stone Costs 3800 2700
Silver Costs 2200 1600
Favor Costs 210 110
Blunt Defense 625 450
Sharp Defense 435 320
Distance Defense 375 270
griffin Griffin Wood Costs 3800 4100
Stone Costs 1900 2100
Silver Costs 4800 5200
Favor Costs 250 230
Attack 860 875
Blunt Defense 240 290
Sharp Defense 270 310
Distance Defense 100 100
Speed 20 18
calydonianboar Calydonian Boar Wood Costs 2800 2900
Stone Costs 1400 1500
Favor Costs 110 120
Attack 250 170
Blunt Defense 450 950
Sharp Defense 950 400
divineenvoy Divine Envoy Attack 35 45
Blunt Defense 20 30
Sharp Defense 20 30
Distance Defense 20 30

Explanation: Some mythical units were plain useless due to a worse cost/efficiency or population/efficiency ratio. Thus we adjusted attack and defense values. Also, mythical units will become somewhat more popular since we aim to drastically decrease the overall favor costs (while increasing standard resource costs).


I will just list all planned research changes one by one:

Future functionality
diplomacy Diplomacy Chance for farming village resistance is lowered by 10%.+10% resources for looting and plundering.20% lower mood requirement in order to trade with a farming village.
espionage Espionage A sent spy receives an additional 20% silver coins.A town loses 10% less silver after an enemy espionage.
cryptography Cryptography Will be removed due to the changes on Espionage.
breakthrough Breakthrough The number of ships that can break through successfully is increased by 15%.(the standard chance without this technology will be decreased by 15%)
meteorology Meteorology Changes position in the academy and will be available in the second column.
architecture Architecture Costs of Architecture will be changed:5.000 Wood, 4.000 Stone, 3.000 Silver, 8 Research PointsEffect:10% less resource costs and 10% less construction time for all buildings.
buildingcrane Building Crane Will be removed due to the changes on Architecture.
cityguard City Guard Changes position in the academy and will be available in the first column.
shipwright Shipwright Changes position in the academy and will be available in the fifth column.

New technologies (will be released after introducing the hero feature):

Life Guards Heroes in that town have their defense values increased by 15%.
Standards Heroes who are attacking from that town have their attack values increased by 15%.
Teaching Parlor Heroes in that town gain experience points 10% faster.

Special Buildings

We received a lot of feedback from the community. For now, we plan to introduce these changes to the special buildings:

Special Building
Future functionality
theater Theater Will become cheaper, new costs are:10.000 Wood, 7.000 Stone, 10.000 Silver.Duration will be shortened from 5 to 2 days (Speed 1).
library Library Will grant 24 additional research points.
lighthouse Lighthouse +20% speed for ships.
War Council +10% attack power for all units in that town.
oracle Oracle Will be removed due to the introduction of the War Council.
statue Divine Statue Adds a cumulative +10% favor production bonus to the God in that city.
trade_office Merchant Shop You will be able to setup a target city and a storage threshold. As long as the resources exceed that threshold, the Merchant Shop will automatically send 1000 units (Speed 1) of each resource to the target city once per hour. These resources will not count against the common market capacity and they will travel much faster.

Don’t forget to give us your feedback using the survey. πŸ˜‰

Get to the Rebalancing Survey

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138 comments on “Rebalancing 2.0
  1. Franki says:

    The speed of the triremes would have to go back to being 24
    With 24 speed I had thought them much use, but if implemented with 18, I will not build

    • twnzal says:

      I agree

    • Name? Privat says:

      Speed 18 is still to fast. A Bireme has got speed 15 – I’ll propose speed 14.

    • Kid Dalton says:

      The “Balancing” of units is what scares me.
      There always needs to be an OP unit option. The divine envoy need to be changed to 2 pop btw.
      As the for the researches, I like them, same with the new special buildings.
      I wouldn’t waste your time with the Heroes, in my opinion they are the bane of strategic games existence.
      The tiremes are a good idea however, they were almost useless without these attack and defense updates.
      I’d just leave 90% of the troops the way they are.
      resource cost and all!

  2. Cewen says:

    Yeah!!! I only can say: goog, good, good. I waiting for this;)

  3. John says:

    Are these changes gonna be for existing servers example I play on zeta us server. Will these changes to mythical units and such change on hre or is this only for new worlds or hero worlds?

  4. John says:

    Also Dont see the need in decreasing the pegasus those arent used very often. Also divine envoy still not powerful enough.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      The Divine Envoy will be a good hybrid unit, especially for new players who got plenty of favor to spend. The pegasus should now be more in line with other mythical units.

      • StefKram says:

        “The pegasus should now be more in line with other mythical units.”

        So in other words the goal is that the mythical units become more generic, interchangeable, meaning redundant. Not good, a wrong approach, it will reduce tactics & diversity, like the new triremes (defacto removal of lightship and biremes!) and removal of fireship will in seabattle!

        • Marcel Zons says:

          No, the Pegasus is still a nice strategic option as it is a very fast and flying unit. The Cerberus for instance is more powerful in defense, but it would need ships for transport.

          • StefKram says:

            No, it won’t. The Pegasus was already not very suitable against sharp and distance attack units, which are by the way more common then blunt in attacks, but they did their job in emergency in most cases nevertheless, with heavy losses of course. Now the Pegasus will be useless, because you have to send others defense unit with them and these need transportships!

  5. Woldo says:

    Clap clap Clap, another change that destroy this game….Trireme speed 18, it’s a joke?
    Dear Marcel Zons i think you never play Grepolis , sure never play Conquest as a pro player, take care your noobs and childish player, this is the good way.
    If you want save this game open a payment server with 1.0 version, or sell it to another company.

    Woldo, top player in Italy servers since October 2010, for sure not in 2014, as many others before me because of your “wonderful” changes.

    • Casadonis says:

      Man, you are damn right. InnoGames is on a straight way to ruin this game. It’s not only the Trireme, implementing the Island-Quests was the first step, the future Heroes will be the second, and the Reblancing will finish this fatal decissions.

      regards from Casadonis, Grepolis Player since Dezcembre 2009, very well known on the german servers.

      • nicaldar says:

        i’m not agree with you, I played on servers 1.0 (beta)
        and i’m happy wiht all the new changes.

        If never had changed in this game i would have stop it for long because after 1 year it isn’t so happy anymore with the 1.0 version…

        so i say thank you to the dΓ©veoppers!

        • Yury says:

          You true – without changes the game will be not interesting.
          But your opponents true also because not changes good and convinient.
          For example, Island quests are funny but lent’s exemine following situation.
          You have pure naval island and sometimes in some quest you have to send land troops for attack or support to quest village.
          What will be your choice?
          1. Ignore quest
          2. Keep free 200 population and reduce your LS nuke
          3. Conquer other city on this island specially for quests.
          All this choices has own disadvantages and this make experienced players unhappy.

      • Frangipaniii says:

        I completely agree with you.

        The heros are unnecessary, the island quests also are. Instead of making the game better, they just ruin it. Many players stopped playing Grepolis because of this changes.
        Why don’t you open a Classic World? Where Grepolis 1.0 still exists? It seems like you won’t change anything of the new updates.

        Greetings from the German servers.

    • -Tiuz- says:

      Rebalancing COULD be a great step forward, but the mentioned changes won’t be the epected result. It will be more the opposit of what a rebalancing should be. With these changes People will just build Theater on the right side of the special buildings and the Trirme will be more or the less the only ship people will build.
      It is still to fast!

      BTW: Don’t implement the hero system and remove the island quests!!!

    • ArgostheWellHung says:

      Hey Woldo? Good riddance. If you’re not intelligent or imaginative enough to keep up with new strategies, then Solitaire is over <—there. I'm really about ready to go off big time on the idiots who think having useless units in the game is somehow a good thing. Woldo here is admitting that making myths worth building is too much for him to understand. I say that's a good thing. If you're not bright enough to do more than, "Ugh, me have most troops and buy most gold, me win," then the game really doesn't need you.

      Ciao, halfwit.

  6. simdavrob says:

    Will these changes be applied to existing worlds or just to new ones?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      To all game worlds. πŸ™‚

      • RobertM320 says:

        There should be a cutoff point as to which existing worlds you apply these changes to. I play in en World Heraklion, and in us World Alpha. After spending a year plus working a strategy to win the game, you’re going to change all the units right before wonders? Not a smart idea. No changes should be made to any world that has less than 6 months to wonders, or that has played over 8 months. Its just not right.

        You build pegs for defense, and now they’re not as good? You build a fleet of brims, and now the players with trims have an advantage? There NEEDS to be a cut off point somewhere.

  7. Floris says:

    i don’t understand why you need te delete the fire ship from the game. It’s the only real attack-ship in the game.

    Now i’l need to use tririms to clear enemey city’s. They much slower en even with this rebalancing : tririms are 15,625 attack/person, while fireships are 20 attack/person.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      No, the Fire Ship is (in the English version) the one that destroys itself.

      The Light Ship is the common attack ship and this unit will stay unaffected.

  8. anonimo says:

    great idea, another update that should “improve” the game, you realize that the players continue to decline?
    this update should “balance” the strength of the unit, completing wrong, the game was fine in version 1.0
    congratulations, keep it up and this game will be more and more popular
    other crap, the game becomes more and more crap

  9. meixente says:

    What will happen with the things that are going to disappear? I mean, for example. If you have Fire Ships (brulotes in Spanish) is because you have investigated that technology. Will the investigation points of that technology given back to the player when it disappear? Same thing for Buildng Crane, Criptology, etc.
    Or if you had the Oracle, will you have the opportunity of building another or will you be getting the war council automatically?
    I think that in general the rebalancing of units and technologies is good, I think that in the buildings still the Tower and the Termas had the edge over the rest, but, war council is now a real alternative. I think that you should reduce the duration of plays in the Theater to 1 day. 24 points for the library is good, also 20% more speed with Lighthouse is OK. But the fact that population is the only limited resource, makes Termas vital because of the 240 extra inhabitants (300 minus 60).
    Thanks for your work.
    P.D. I’m not sure if Termas is written like that in English.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      For all things that are removed, you will get the reasearch points back. The oracle will probably be also removed, giving you some population back. You will then be able to choose which special building you want as a replacement (by just building what you need).

      • meixente says:

        Thanks for the answer.
        Another question. Now that Architecture and Building Crane will be merged what will happen if you have investigated Architecture (6 research points) but not Crane (4 res. points) and you have not any reserach point free. Will you loose both technologies and have 6 research points free?

        • Marcel Zons says:

          In this case, you will probably have a research point debt of 2 points (with architecture staying to be researched). πŸ˜‰

          • Kid Dalton says:

            May be a good idea to refund the resources for those who have difficulty keeping their resources up due to farmers.
            Give them it as a reward so it cannot be taken until they log in. that way their new special building can be in place as soon as the update is done… if you of course decide to do the update
            (which most of them i wouldn’t)

  10. Adam Smith says:

    I have stopped playing Grepolis completely because the rebalancing is so bad and I am waiting for this update. The above changes are unfortunately not going to make me rejoin this game. Less favor for more resources is fine, but the increases in attack and defense just aren’t enough. Some units have even become weaker!? That just makes no sense. All the myth units should be better than normal units to encourage players to use them regularly. The main thing I want is to see everyone use Mythical units regularly. I am sick to death of seeing people sending slinger and light ship nukes constantly, it makes this sooo boring and predictable. Please please please review these settings.

    • Kid Dalton says:

      Agreed, the units that have become weaker are now unusable in most situations.
      90% of players worry about strength, not the speed. The pros are trying to figure each other out at all times so they can anticipate their opponents next move and counter before it ever happens. not react when someone has already screwed you over.

  11. Heikenen says:

    Brown stuff, why decrease the surviving chance of transporters when you haven’t researched breakthrough? Also, that defense hero is a terrible addition. Remove him please! Sometimes I’m thinking that nobody of the big men from Inno actually play Grepo. Don’t they realize that the defender already has to much advantage?

  12. Woldo says:

    1) Trireme Speed 9 it’s ok, don’t move it, move only Attack -Defende value, even more in pop used than Light Ship or Bireme, or you give to much advantage only for big alliances or coalitions, and you penalize the single player ability, again.

    2) Hydra, change for this unit the speed value, move it to 18-20-24, otherwise it’s useless

    3) Manticore-Archer: if we need only 270 Favour for them you MUST increase the Sharp Defence of the Archer at least to 30-35, or more, otherwise become impossible conquering a city of big alliances or coalitions with wall at 0 in Conquest sistem (again….. do you understand that give always game convenience for the number of player in an alliance and not for the single player ability IS NOT a Rebalancing?)

    Then to “Rebalancing” this dead game walking try this to start:

    – Remove the pop-up system e give we back the multi-tab system

    – Remove the mobile phone Attack notification (called “The Death of Conquest”) and the Attack sound.

    – Remove the +30 Speed bonus in Island mission

    – Remove the World Wonders.

    But there is at least 1 pro player in your team? only 1 that can tell you how changes affect the gameplay? eccheccazzo.

    • ArgostheWellHung says:

      And once again, Brainiac here has to pipe in with his two cents. Now we see why he really objects to the changes. He wants to be able win a world all by himself. If he can, well, there must be some extremely terrible players on the Italian servers. Why would alliances even be a part of the game if they weren’t intended to be stronger than a solo player?

      Again I say, arrivederci. Come back when you can’t stay so long.

  13. theonlythomas says:

    I like it. πŸ™‚

    Not really looked at the researches, but I do like the changes to the units.
    Manti-nukes just became more powerful and cheaper to build. πŸ˜€ Always a good thing.

    Building changes seem sensible.

    This should go some way to shifting the balance away from the defender in the game. Very good. Just lots of work in the wiki now. πŸ˜›

  14. melionruz says:

    hello πŸ™‚
    all those changes are very nice, except one.
    I do agry with wath have been said about the pegasus !
    they will be useless ! the change will force you to conbin them with other defense unit so it will be definitly the cerberus who will used. just compar the per pop defense pegasus (40 7,5 10) and cerberus (27 10 52) where the most important are distance 10 vs 52 ans sharp 7,5 vs 10

    sorry, but this change is bad

  15. klokslag12 (clock12) says:

    So, i have 200+ cities on a world, and they all work together as a big balanced army. Put over a year’s work in that. Not mention the money i payed. Now Inno is gonna chance most units, and my whole balanced army is gone?

    Why not implement it on new servers only, so we have a choice?

  16. Dennisnl says:

    There are less researches, why did you upgrade the library?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We might still add new researches in the future, so over time, the library will become more and more valuable. πŸ˜‰

  17. 0zzy1966 says:

    these changes should only apply to new worlds.
    there are players that are using fire ships as defence, they will log on to find defence is missing. hardly fair.
    will you refund the gold they spent fast building these units or the oracle. people pay you money so they can buy faster builds, you are in effect stealing from some. if their defence is removed and they loose a city as a result will you also refund all gold spent on that city.?

  18. Andy says:

    Hello Marcel,

    Had a look at the changes but cannot see anything relating to making it a little easier to gain culture points.? Even playing on a regular daily basis for a considerable amount of time I am now at the point where it is taking me a week to gain enough points to take on another city. While I appreciate it should not be easy currently you loose the will to even bother. Even attacking/supporting others does not gain me bp translating into cp very fast.

    Any information/feedback very much appreciated.(Even if this is off the particular upgrade)

    Best Regards


    • Marcel Zons says:

      Right now, we don’t see any issues with the rate of gaining new culture points. But since we want to enforce more battles with future updates (like World Wonder revamp), you will get Combat Points much faster and thus can convert them into Culture Points more often. πŸ™‚

  19. gabe says:

    i for one like fire ships i use them as a buffer defense in all my city’s by placing a few in all my citys it makes attacking me with light ships very costly for my opponents how ever their slow speed makes them hard to deploy but if i can predict were im going to be attack i can cripple opponents navy

  20. Corinthe says:

    Manticores cost very few favor now :s

  21. Digo says:

    When are these changes taking place?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      After the current discussions and the survey results, we will have the next iteration of change proposals. After that, we will make these changes available on the beta server for a thorough testing period.

  22. =Warlord= says:

    All my towns have oracle (92 in so what will happen when you add the new improv.?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Current plan is that your oracles will be removed. Afterwards, you can choose to build any of the other 4 special buildings as a replacement.

  23. M. Schabel says:

    Looks very promising, will be a though choice which god to select in the first cities, also which special building and research to select, because almost all seem nice and practical now.

    When will the rebalancing come? I don’t play now on regular worlds, so I wonder if it wouldn’t be best to start with the rebalanced grepolis, instead of having to relearn, rebuild, fixing research a.s.o.

    If its not to long before the rebalancing, I would consider waiting for the time the first rebalanced new world starts. Any ETA?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Sorry, there is no proper time estimation. As we really want to get this done right, we want to test the changes on the beta world first.

  24. maltdv8 says:

    What about all the resources spent building Fire ships, if & when they are abolished, will the players get their resources that the used to build them given back, and will they be able to get instant replacements, or will they have wasted all that time as well

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Sorry, no replacement can be given. As soon as the date of the update is communicated to all players, I advise you to stop building any new Fire Ships and use the old ones for some battles. πŸ˜‰

  25. ORCA and TBDI player says:

    We players optimize our play to suit the circumstances regardless of the game set up. We make units that are fast when needed, units that are cheap when needed and units that are strong when needed. We wake up in the middle of the night to collect resources and we send attacks that land every hour around the clock to deprive our enemies of sleep. We communicate with Skype and we spend real money. We do all of this to be slightly more optimized and to gain an advantage. We seek advantage because we want to win. We don’t care what the unit names are, whether one is more popular or whether their use is balanced across servers. We don’t even care whether everyone else is making the same choices or not. Winning is what we care about.

    In established worlds thousands of players have made millions of decisions to optimize play and gain advantages. Making the type of changes you suggest in an established world would instantaneously and irrevocably undermine the basis for all those decisions. All the careful planning, the sleepless nights, the phone data charges and the gold purchases would have been wasted. Wasted, because the advantages that were gained through those efforts would be lost.

    Go ahead and make the changes in new worlds. Please don’t waste the time, effort and money we have put into existing worlds.

  26. Hoi says:

    Great….give back the population to rebuild something else.
    That will go over real well with those who destruct the senate level to 15 AFTER the studied the special building.

    You blokes are a joke….thanks for ruining what used to be the perfect game.

    1.0 was perfection!

  27. S says:

    Good work on the updates. i agree that there is no school like old school; but the old school is better not because of what they used to do, but what they continue to do despite the changes. So stop complaining and start evolving.

    • Woldo says:

      evolving? involving, from a game “conquer cities and remove players” to a game “eat ghost towns, inactive players and grow for the Word Wonders”, conquering active player in big ally or confederation is become impossible, now it’s a easygoing game for dummies, slow player, whiners children; spend a lot of time and have great ability in this game is now useless, the game is locked, and premium players aren’t here for that.

    • RobertM320 says:

      Its not about old school/new school. Its about fairness. If they want to put these major changes into new worlds that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with that. It might even make me join a new world after the two I am in are finished. But it is completely unfair that after you have invested time (months, even years) and money in an attempt to be just a little better than your enemy, they change the game in the middle.

      If you like American Football, how about waiting until there’s only 15 minutes left in the game, and you are trailing by 21 points, and they tell you: 1) you only get 3 downs; 2)passing the ball is now illegal, and 3) the clock doesn’t stop when you go out of bounds. Sorry, but that’s just not right.

  28. Tim Turner says:

    If someone purchased gold through grepolis and used that gold to speed up production of fireships or other units or things that might be taken away, it seems there needs to be more compensation than simply tech points.

    I like how you guys are always trying to improve things, but you need to be careful about taking something away from people who have actually invested more than time into this.

    Hope you can come up with a reasonable solution.

  29. zonatum says:

    I used pegasus often I will not be using pegasus now it has become useless IMO when the new implementation takes effect.

  30. Lee says:

    Will you explain to me the divine statue because people in my alliance are interpreting it differently. I interpret it that you get +10% of all the favor you are getting for that god. Let’s say that you are getting 50 Zeus favor per hour, does building a divine statue bump that up to 55?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Exactly! πŸ˜‰
      And having 2 Divine Statues for Zeus would increase your favor production to 60 (50 + 5 + 5). So the bonus of the divine statue will be additive.

      • Yury says:

        Old equation for Favor rate is
        (Favor rate) = (World speed) * sqrt( (sum of the temple levels) + 5 * (the number of divine statue) )
        So New equation will be
        (New favor rate) = (1 + 0.1 * (the number of divine statue) * (world speed) * sqrt(sum of temple levels)

        Is it right?

  31. Stark.N says:

    Hydra is so slow , I didn’t see God’s forces speed in your table


  32. Yarri says:

    Hmm … not it be easier to introduce changes only in new worlds?

    And another question – you talked about changing the balance in favor of ATTAC, but apart from enhancing the rider does not.

    And why have weakened Pegasus and Medusa?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      When comparing Defense/Population or Attack/Population of Pegasus and Medusa to other mythical untis, they have been too strong before. The pegasus is already a good unit to (extremely) quickly support other cities.

  33. jamovic1 says:

    are you mental?so what happens to the guys that are in war that built loads of FS with gold or an oracle with gold,do they get compensation or is this another greedy attempt by grep to make more money?Lots of your players are students and cant afford to replace these units when at war especially.and I’ve just been building triremes for def capability as well as aslight attack to accompant CS,i feel ripped utter greed,would it really hurt to keep fireships and oracles??

    • Marcel Zons says:

      The war council will be of much more use to most players than the oracle. Only a very small portion of our players even used the oracle! πŸ˜‰

      We don’t see the need to keep rather useless elements in the game. Think of new players: They are already overwhelmed by the amount of different choices. They shouldn’t be punished for making a choice which is practically not feasible, just because the game is not well balanced.

      • Oracle, an important element in ancient Greek culture (remember Socrates and the Pythias), should become a new research in the Academy.

      • RobertM320 says:

        You tell us to think of new players. Maybe you need to think of the current players, the ones paying you. I guess what it really is, you know that most of us spend too much on this game already, and will probably stop playing, so you need to trick more people into playing. You could eliminate a lot of this problem by only introducing rebalancing into new worlds.

  34. jamovic1 says:

    will you get resources back,gold back and population back?if not this is THEFT plain and simple,plus one poor guy who uses FS to defend his city will wake up one morning,they’ll all be gone and he’ll have incoming attacks,it will cause chaos in our world.very irresponsible to introduce in the middle of worlds,if you had thought about it you could start it in anew worlds only.surely your making enough money from us loyal(now idiotic)players.Show some loyalty to us ansnd stop changing the rules every update,i’m done with GREP now if this goes thru..

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Since we will announce the rebalancing update way before deploying the update, no one will be surprised about these changes! πŸ˜‰

      By the way, population can and will be funded back to you.

  35. jamovic1 says:

    sorry Marcel last comment,theisland quests are flawed(max resources from sending all units)and BP too which encourages simmers.
    the trieme changes are offensive I the extreme to me as they take over 3 hour to build (I did so for the def capabilities to accompany my CS)and I used gold to do this as we are at war.
    I really don’t understand why it gets chaned every update when you should be concentrating on the glitches like the disappearing gold,disappearing troops(thru quests) and the glitches that take away all unit no from the screen from time to time.It really feels like stealing from us.
    The gold option is how you make your money and the amount of times buy gold that doesmt show up is a joke,when you complain you get a’sorry’standard response and no refunds,plus in Oropos especially I reported 4 players I know for a fact are or have been double accounting nothing happens,but people get ban for swearing once on a forum.I just feel greed has taken over this game it was so much better before.
    It reminds me of people who keep trying to improve soccer with rule changes to what is in essence a very simple game.
    LEAVE OUR GAME ALONE!Or at least start this in new worlds so we have a choice in what we play,not force it on everyone.

  36. jamovic1 says:

    I further notice your only replying to those either asking questions about the new units or praising the changes.will you be responding to the page full of criticism or are you sticking cottonwool in your ears and just looking at your bank balance?
    These changes WILL happen regardless of opinion,i’m sure its all legally tied up in the T and C of GRep,but what your doing is theft.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      In the DevBlog, I tend to only answer to questions, indeed.
      Criticism is collected and will be taken into account for further adjustments regarding the rebalancing topic.

  37. mader3 says:

    i dont agree…..mythical units cost too much and they dont have any worth anymore there are useless……now Trireme is the most attacking ship…..and some good researchs that i need for my stragedy will become useless or less effective….

  38. Zak says:

    whoever thought that chainges for the mythical units is best for him to play farmville than grepolis.

    with the exeption of cerberus, manticore and harpy, all the other mythical units are becoming useless and nobody will recruit mythical units when those changes will have efect in the game.
    If this is that you want for the game, proceed to these changes and in a few monthes you will come again with new changes for the game.

  39. SmartieMan says:

    I like the changes except that u want to get rid of fireship,is useful when u burn the attack power of the enemy for some days 2-3 and needs to rebuild his ls nukes. πŸ˜€
    As for trireme it needs more speed and more attack value 280-300.

  40. Gerard says:

    I think all the updates are great, I just wanted to know if in the near future you will consider increasing the max population? I also would like to know if Artemis will be included in regular worlds and not be exclusive to hero worlds which would be great? All the gods are fine except Zeus as it seems he is not the mightiest of the Gods. Everyone or almost everyone on my uses Poseidon, so do you think there may be a revamp of the gods and some tweaks to Zeus of some kind like a new spell?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We are thinking about changes regarding the Gods, but not for the near future.
      About max population: We will not make changes to the farm, but we might introduce other ways of slightly increasing the maximum population of a single city. πŸ˜‰

  41. John says:

    Please rethink reducing the strenght of pegasus.. they arent that strong as it is.. Just because they fly doesnt mean they should be so weak.

  42. John says:

    If you guys are determined to nerf the pegasus which isnt used that much anyhow. Can you at least lower the population cost? Because if not these things will never be built again after this patch.

  43. Kariella says:

    and when you remove say fireship, I understand that I will get the research back… but what you did not mention is what happens if I got 100 of them built… do they go auto poof? or do I get back the resources (not that I know where all those resources would go)?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We cannot fund the resources back, sorry. But since it will take a lot of time for the rebalancing update to come, you can still use your Fire Ships in combat and thus make use of them BEFORE they get removed. πŸ˜‰

  44. Billy Waller says:

    i would like to see “gold” be rewarded in the game quests as a reward to help those who can not afford to pay for gold. Also, you could decrease the time it takes to make buildings, train troops, and build ships and do research. there is way to much time spent waiting for these things to occur. Thank you, Billy.

  45. Yarri says:

    I read …. Sorry for my english (with online translator writing), but the only thing that I wish the developers – so it’s patience. )

    One has only to announce a new idea and start working on it as there are crowds of screamers with rotten eggs). One can probably say for sure – all these changes long overdue and the game will only benefit if they can implement.

  46. Woldo says:

    Why we cannot see the survey results in real time?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      For the rebalancing survey, we are using an a tool which doesn’t allow us to publish the results in realtime.

  47. floris says:

    will the war council only boost land units or also sea troops like light ships ?

  48. Panos says:

    the oracle that will stop to excist if a city has it will it dissapear?

  49. Awesomeness. says:

    I think it’s overall good; Now i can actually build a manti nuke, so that’s always a plus πŸ˜€ I also think the war council will help with the problems we have where the game totally favors the defender.

  50. Rose777 says:

    All these changes will create drastic changes for my existing tactics and strategic builds.
    Suddenly losing all my Fireships on frontline cities.
    Will leave me open too attack and give my enemies an advantage.

    Can we have a few days like the Xmas cease fire to allow for rebuilding /replacment time for the units removed from play ?

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Rest assured that we will announce the rebalancing update way before deploying it. So you will be able to smoothly adjust your strategies. πŸ˜‰

      • nicaldar says:

        that is not the problem…
        the problem is if a player have 200 fireship on a city to protect the city,
        fireship are not so often destroy so to destroy itself it cost many ressources to ask an ally,
        and if he do nothing and wait for rebalancing then it take at least 2/3 days to build birèmes in stead of fireship and in 2/3 days we lost cities

        so it would be best that de time construct of new units must be 0 if fireship were in the cities (and cost 0 ressources too) and even so it will take time to set the new units in the cities if tey are far away…

        • Leonidas Agiad says:

          It would be a great help if Grepolis gave us an ability to easily ‘Decommission’ unwanted units, so they don’t have to be sunk or killed in combat. Fireships in particular are expensive to get rid of, you can’t send them to attack a hard target, and they cannot be sunk cheaply. Why not allow the owner to ‘Recycle’ them a few at a time, so that some are removed, their pop.cost returned, and their resource cost returned to the owner to allow a phased rebuild of alternatives.

  51. James says:

    When will this take place? Maybe you posted it somewhere but I didn’t see it. Just wondering if I should still be building fireships

    • James says:

      lol, nevermind, I just looked at post right above this one,,, my bad

    • Marcel Zons says:

      There is a long way to go until the rebalancing update will hit the live worlds. We want to test this on beta first, but there is no time estimation for this right now.

  52. Arjan says:

    I’m just curious if there are any plans to add a new god to the warrior worlds because i always wondered why in a ancient greece war game there never was the greek god of war Ares which would seem to me the perfect choice for a god in a wargame πŸ™‚

    • Marcel Zons says:

      Right now, we have no plans to introduce new gods, but this might become a topic in the far future (like 2014).

  53. Celticrates says:

    Some good changes and some bad ones. All in all it certainly changes the tactical dynamics of the game. I have read that these changes will go out across all worlds. I think this is a bad idea, especially in old worlds were the changes would disrupt the way that a lot of people have set out there zone of control. I think the changes should be kept to the new worlds only.

  54. Yury says:

    Do not remove Fire Ship from game!!!
    1. It’s very useful unit in special case. Several time in different worlds only FS help me got time for my small city under permanent attacks of strong player to build city and make proper research in Academy. Do not look at common statistic! FS is a unit for special cases and smart tactics.
    2. You told about course to “variety of tactics” but insteed of it decide to remove from game a unit with unique ability. That’s wrong decision! Without such units a game become simple – “a tons of birems vs a lot of LS nukes”. It tires. πŸ™‚
    FS (the same valid for catapult) is a unit for special purpose! Is cannot be so popular as LS and birems.
    3. In good balanced system must acts an opposite forces to keep equilibrium in system.
    You change parameters for naval units.
    With new value of attack and defence a Hydra become an excellent unit. But high Favor cost and low speed naturally bounded a usage of this unit in fromtline cities. That’s good.
    New value for attack make trireme a good ADDITIONAL(!!!) unit both for attack and defense. But you suggest to increese speed of trirems and now nothing prevent for noobs and lazy player (too lazy to think) from using 2 triremes nukes insteed of 1 LS nuke and 1 birems nuke. Very soon all worlds will be infested with triremes. ((
    Do not remove Fire Ship from game – it’s natural enemy of triremes. Remember Australia and rabbits!

  55. Gavin says:

    It’s really not that big of a change… Swords, Archers and Hoplites still form the standard defence. Slingers, Hoplites and Horsemen still form the standard nukes. Lightships and Biremes are still the strongest standard attack and defence naval units respectively. Medusa is still the best all-rounder for both population and resources.

    The real changes are to the myth units.
    Minotaur now becomes a decent all-rounder as well although it has a weakness against sharp attack.
    Pegasus has NEVER been useful – it was ALWAYS too weak in the main attack types (sharp & distance). Yes, it is fast but it has always been slaughtered by sharp or distance nukes. Its only real use is against a Harpy attack and since Harpies are fast as well, it almost wipes out that advantage. (Manticores are so much better, why use Harpies anyway?)
    Hydras used to be just expensive lightships. Now they are stronger than BR and could be used to send out with CS. They are still too slow to use in any other case.
    Cyclops is still too weak against sharp attack to consider for defence but makes a strong attacker.

    The main imbalance is still apparent – there is a definite lack of sharp defence. This is now compounded by the increased strength and reduced favour requirement of the Manticore. I think that, with less favour required, full Manticore nukes will now become more common and sharp defence has not been upgraded to counter this. Don’t tell me to build Centaurs – like Pegasus, they have only the one use and are too limited in other areas.

    Other notes…
    For those arguing about hybrid units (chariots and triremes), timing your attack and defence to land correctly is FAR more effective than using these units. Use LS to clear and BR to defend. Triremes are weaker AND more expensive. If the city is not cleared when your CS is landing, you didn’t sent enough LS to begin with! Only BR (or now Hydra) go with a CS for immediate defence as they are stronger than Triremes. LS should be landing A FEW SECONDS before your CS and follow it up with more BR landing just A FEW SECONDS behind the CS. Timing is everything!!

    For those using Fireships for defence… try this. Go to the simulator, put a CS and fireships in defence, put lightships in attack and simulate. Then put fireships in defence, and attack with only transports and land units. Last, put a CS in the attack and use fireships for defence. Numbers on these scenarios don’t matter. Try it with hundreds or just one of each. Hmmm… still like your fireships?

    • Yury says:

      I think the last notes were addressed to me.
      I answer.
      1. Your scenario good for noobs or low active players. But i told about EXPIERENCED player who know how to protect own cities with small forces. I mean cases with your 5 cities against 12-15 enemy cities or your 15 vs 200 of your enemy. πŸ™‚

      Surely, timing is important and maybe attacker will be so lacky and his CS will land AT THE SAME SECOND just after last attack and his support will arrive just after CS at the same second. In all other cases the defender has real chance to return defensive troops just before CS and offensive units after CS.
      Few birems and several FS + enlist militia and CS will not land or land without war ships and few LS can easy to kill them.
      Fire ships especially effective in small city, before The Tower and proper research in Academy have been completed.

      Several times it was sufficiently to destroy few enemy LS nukes and this give me time for city development! Without FS my first cities should be filled with birems.

  56. jamovic1 says:

    Marcal the thing that bothers so many players is that these changes could
    a. Be easily introduced to new worlds,not existing ones where there effects to some players will be a disaster and require MASSIVE reorganisation.
    b. That you seem to be going ahead regardless of the opinions expressed here by many loyal players.
    c.The implications this has for the future of grep,how do we set up when you can change the rules at any time in the game?

    And finally,most importantlythose at war,like ourselves will receive no compensation for the gold spent or resources spent building these units and now too replace them more gold/resources are required.
    I really don’t think you fully understand that most players feel that this is Theft and are furious.PLEASE ANSWER THE GOLD QUESTION OR REMOVE IT AS A FEATURE THEN YOU WONT LOK SO INCONSIDERATE OR GREDDY.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      a) Technically, it’s anything but easy to do this just on new worlds. Also keep in mind: The more we differentiate the rules between old and new servers, the more problems we get with each game update as we have to consider all those different variations and game settings.
      b) As mentioned in the DevBlog, these proposals are not really final. We will collect all concerns and suggestions and create a third draft of changes based upon the feedback and new insights.
      c) In the future, rebalancing won’t be as drastic as this proposed massive rebalancing update. Also, it’s in the nature of online games to keep rebalancing (and updating) the game. An online game which doesn’t get updated is a dead game. But Grepolis is vivid and has a devoted development team behind it. πŸ˜‰

      About gold:
      I already mentioned somewhere else that this rebalancing update is not coming as a surprise. You will be able to take your time and make use of all things where you have spent your gold.

  57. Rulf says:

    Please do not reduce the protection Pegasus and jellyfish, they are not often used, and if you reduce their protection, they will not be in use.

  58. Fadiga says:

    As for me all mithical units should be twice stronger
    Now there is no sense to use them.
    For example I use them only in beginning.
    Experienced players use them very very limited

  59. Denis says:

    Please don’t murder pegasus.

    I honestly hope you won’t implement “pegus” cut. I have pegus nukes, with this change – they will become obsolete. If you don’t want to see pegus disappear as a feasible flying defense. ratio for sharp/distance is already bad in pegus. With new change – they will disappear.

    Except from that… everything sounds good, just theaters should be 24 hrs, instead of 48hrs – to make it worth considering.

  60. Woldo says:

    2 years, 2 years of changes and innovations, and only 1 thing good for the game, the inventory!!
    check how many players have you lost in last 2 years, do you think that they leave the game because bored? or they leave for your change, your rules, your policy?
    Player are asking for some changes from 2010, change as:

    – replace lightening bolt and plague
    – possibility to stop trade in in the Trade Overviews tab
    – change the morale calculation

    and more and more….. and your last update is “added a spoiler bbcode for messages and alliance forums”, after years….. i have no more words for you, you haven’t understood nothing about this game and about the players, the “real” players, all your work to be done in the last 2 years was put inventory, Artemis and the possibility to loot favors with Mythical units in 1.0 version for all servers, nothing else, no World Wonders, no pop-up, no Hero, no sounds, no attack allarm, we did not need these things, you are stealing the salary in last 2 years, the game was vivid, you did it become a dead game.
    Clap clap clap again.

  61. George says:

    Are these updates something we should begin planning for soon, or are they distant into the future?

  62. z says:

    Lighthouse still won’t be used by anyone. When you make these changes you have to take into consideration to strongest counterpart. In this case it’s the thermal baths.

    My suggestion is that you give the Lighthouse an attack bonus of 10%, in addition to the 20% speed bonus. Or that you make the speed bonus 30%. That would make it far more interesting and perhaps a viable option over thermal baths.

    • Kid Dalton says:

      With lighthouse giving an attack option then battering ram, war council, and lighthouse would give a combined 30% attack to naval. plus any of those gold users who have captain for another whopping 20% and favorable winds for ANOTHER 10%!
      160% attack naval would over power naval advancements to the point of no return. plus don’t forget the luck multiplier..
      without those updates it’s already possible to get your attack to 182% in either naval or land, 162% in whatever you choose to be the weaker.
      this would make it possible to go above 200% with luck involved.
      you really want a full blown 250 lightships coming at you with the strength of 500+?

  63. redsoxu571 says:

    I appreciate the effort put into the changes (especially to help make the less useful ones have a purpose again), and I LOVE that myth units will cost more resources and less favor, making them a much more legit option.

    One problem: why reduce the defensive capacity of the Medusa? A lot of my strategy in the one world I play in is built around the Medusa, and this would really hammer its usefulness. Given that it has weaknesses, couldn’t you just leave it as it is in terms of its defense?

  64. skiboot says:

    Please think again about reducing the defence bonuses for the Medusa. Although it has the best sharp rating for attack in the game, people rarely build them for attack. Nobody wants to see a Medusa nuke disappear to the bottom of the ocean after hitting a bireme wall.

    They are mainly used as a multi-purpose unit and the changes you are proposing will make them much less attractive in that respect.

  65. Hasan says:

    I believe EACH AND EVERY rebalance be voted upon individually, as it has some extremely idiotic parts as well.

  66. Yury says:

    About researches.
    1. Moving Shipwright too 5th column in line with Birems. Good.
    2. City Guard in first column – no matter. First research points necessory for units – slings, Hops and bows. Free research points arrise at level 6-7 and current position for this research sufficiently good.
    3. Building Crane and Architecture. Seems me it’s a very strange decision. For active player 10% reduction for building costs has no matter. I spent in game 5 hours per day and 10% in building costs equal 30 additional minutes per day for resources (perhaps less). And more, 10% speed up for building time nearly equal 10% increasing in resources for building per hour (in average).
    Architecture becomes waste research when town development was finished and, as opposite, Building Crane is useful later in game when necessory to rebuild The Wall before Revolt will start.
    It’s just my opinion but i research Building Crane in ALL my cities but Architecture only ONCE in my first city. I have 4 RP for building Crane. 6 RPs are equal to Breakthrough. 8 RPs are equal to new unit. Merging Building Crane and Architecture you will create ‘dead’ technology.
    3. Meteorology. Useless technology in any column. Necessory to add something really usefull – for example increasing trader speed. Premium-Cap give a half reducing of trading time so for this technology 20-30% will be excellent.
    4. Diplomacy will not work. Currently not exist reasons “for looting and plundering”. This possibility very rarely used. Some mechanics for mood and looting have to be developed. Without such system for mood and looting usage both Diplomacy and Helen will be useless.

  67. ElectronicDesign says:

    Suggesting as a main rule._____________________
    Each myth should outperform it’s counterpart.

    Remove all def and make it a terrible monster range attacker…I’d love to use it as the number one ranger attacker, suggesting hardly any def at all…to the price of less or no defensepower.


    The price and favor cost is not necessary to change.
    This unit is perfect as it is. costwise it will be quite equal to 50swords, and only the defpwr/pop remains beneficial…I will still use it, but it’s not very cheap atm and building them 50favor faster should be valued less in price increasement,

    cerberus price:
    wood 1500
    rock 1750
    silver 3250
    favor 170

    Making Medusa cheaper for less favor is excellent. You got it, it was too expensive, and costed too much favor,but was the best unit in the game. It will be a more common attacker πŸ™‚ Since def is decreased,

    suggesting for Medusa
    sharp attack power= 486

    I doubt that the team will benefits from these thoughts at all, but here they are…

    Making Trirs to the fastest unit is the most significant change among al changes above and it’s great, it will be useful at once, and it will change the entire game for top20 players especially…none will conquer with LS anymore, top 10 players’ conquest troops will be very, very hard to defeat in the harbour…even before the support have arrived. Hopefully this is the best decision. Everyone with lots of res will go4 Trirs instead, and you can’t defeat conquerors anymore in conquest worlds by sniping their 100LS,1000slings in the harbour, not without 80LS which hardly any 3-city player posess himself making him entirely dependent of his allies which usually are occasional players who haven’t sent their first support in grepolis yet (it used to be 30LS to defeat 100LS….so it’s definitly increasing the Trirs usefulness up to a mandatory level in conquest cities for big players).

    I cannot see the reason to double the price, unless you add more power to this unit.You’e propoosed 21.67/pop which isn’t much morethan the new horse blunt-att-power at 20/pop.

    The attack power for myth should be significant, at lest +50% vs it’s corresponding standard unit, since its favor cost @ 180 still corresponds to 5600wood. if you loose 112 000 wood by building them, you certainly want more than +8.35% in additional power, otherwise people will just use Heroic power and catch the Kingly Gifts instead and it will remain as a rare unit since it isn’t useful in any manner really at all – not defensewise, nor attackwise.

    Minotaour’s blunt attackpower = 900

    favouring sim-city players(who never attack anyone) and very defensive players.

    27000 per play, it is the best price you can get. no attacks, except for extraordinary attacks can beat that price.

    Well, I like to get cheaper theatre plays anyways, but it will be more theatre and less spent on attacks for sure, more resource gathering to afford the plays and more horses around.

    The current situation in grepo worlds is
    It is hardly any incoming attacks in speed 1 worlds, and the necessary focus should be to increase the amount of attacks by encouraging it in several other ways. More theatres = less interactions…

    However, I’m happy with Theatre plays for 27000, since it’s quite hard without Heightened senses to quickly gather Culturepoints for the next culture level as soon as you have gotten 200+CP, and it might as well increase the amount of conquers and cities/player quicker…

    I love the game, quite addicted to a dangerous level..(I think it should be an option for addicted players to ban themselves from grepolis – an opt-out, just like Poker companies have or betting sites sometimes have due to law in some countries)

    but there are still major changes you can do to improve it.

    here are some

    1.demand & trade all = researchable
    2.autodemand = researchable
    3.autotrade = researchable

    4.undo (15sec)in harbour view (I don’t want 40TS when I’ve ordered 20LS…it keeps happening)

    5.undo (15se) in barrack view (I dn’t want 200swords when I’e ordered 200slings).

    the undo might be misused, here are some ideas
    add checkmark in the order form = 5% to cancel orders
    7.research=insurance (ability to cancel orders for 5%)

    some other featurs
    it’s way too slow…

    key annoying things
    1.faults in orders
    2.too slow (not always, and it might just be my computer)
    3.some things take to much time, too many clicks
    4.i still cannot search among messages, i’ve 500 messages.
    5.I still cannot search or filter results in reports.
    6.grepostats aren’t developed at all, it has remained the same ever since…and I see that you could add 20-50 features easily.
    7.grepomaps havn’t been improved much at all, quite good atm, and I cannot suggest any immediate beneficial improvement…but I’m sure you can add new features, improve the graphics and make it imrove your revenue with ads at proper places (not too much though since we prefer fullscreen maps).
    6.some ig-graphics are really nice, please replace what’s bad wth something better. the myths are amazing and your mythdesigners are extremly talented, please involve them more, since they eyes are the primarily judge ;). There is no limit to where this game can move towards if you let those guys move the game into an entire new level from an graphical point of view…

    I think you should contact another firm,
    to take care of it,
    remain a technical game server platorm company,
    and let others move the game to the next-generation level in modern Electronic Art.

    thanks πŸ™‚

  68. Hgvghost says:

    I like te changes in the troops, but why that horrible theater?
    It looks like inno want that attacking stops, and players only build defense troops. At this time , you can better have defence troops, and spend your materials to the theater.

    Ik like the changes of the manticore, 400 favor was far to pricey. Its good that the pegasi are not so good, if you now have two cities with pegasi, youre enemy needs 5 fullattack cities, to get threw it. (wall 25, with tower)

    PS: i know my english is not so good, but i hope you understand what i mean.

  69. SungBong says:

    Hello im tony.
    All the changes are awesome and great!I noticed a problem with the gods.When someone has more then 60 cities you have to be almost always online in order to consume your god favor and make good use for it but when you have to go to bed and with in 3-4 hours you are full of favor again i believe that you should increase the maximum capacity of favor at least 200 more bcoz big players have always that problem.

  70. stradavarious says:

    I welcome the changes but what will happen to my FS? I have lots of them and now they are going to be deleted?

    The integrity of this game is ruined by players using multiple accounts to coordinate attacks and bolster defence. I suggest that an email is sent to all active accounts every 10 days or so, requiring then to acknowledge receipt by logging in to the game via a link embedded in the mail. It is unlikely that lapsed players will e bothered by this. If a response is not forthcoming with 48 hours, the accounts should be placed automatically into VM and ghosted if no response arrives after VM has expired.

    That way, cities won’t be attacked by 3 or 4 “players” all controlled by 1 babysitter.

    • Marcel Zons says:

      We will not delete the common attack ship. Keep in mind that in the english version the “Fire Ship” is the one that destroys itself.

  71. Icemansk says:

    Fire ships would have been ok, and maybe used more often, if they only could have been used in attack as well.

  72. Nicolas says:

    When there that udaptes come to es servers?

  73. “The Fire Ship will be completely removed from the game. We might find a suitable replacement for it (as a new unit) in the future, but for now, we will simply get rid of it. Keep in mind that we will remove all Fire Ships from the game along with the rebalancing update” (Marcel Zons)

    What’s the exact effect for someone with 200 FS?
    Will they become
    -free population?

    Will the FS, which exists in the city before the update, remain there until they are destroyed and only disappear from the Barrack View and the Academy View?

  74. Electronic Design says:

    “After the current discussions and the survey results, we will have the next iteration of change proposals. After that, we will make these changes available on the beta server for a thorough testing period.”(June 17, 2013 at 10:20 AM
    Marcel Zons)

    When is the launch scheduled? At which primarily dates or months can we expect the changes to occur? September, October or November?

  75. fontas2 says:

    I think the change is good exept that you the compine of beter attach in Harpy and in Horseman with the decrese of the diffence of Mantichore unbalance totaly the game.

    Many good players do not use horseman or Harpy and the increce in the attack is a good decizion BUT the same time the decrese of the offence in main defence unit against Blunt (mantichore) is a totaly reverse unbalance….

  76. fontas2 says:

    The bad think in the blunt attack units (both regular & mythical units) in compare with the other attack units is the worst deffence in the game. Both Horsman and Harpy have terible defence.

    So do not harm pegasus instand make more power (as you propose) the attack but increase the defence and leave the pegasus near the same

  77. alekosthebucher says:

    I like the most changes, the only thing i don’t like at all is the defensive changes on Medusa and i’d prefer not to change the defensive behavior of Pegasus either but not as important as the total degrade of Medusa..COME ON PEOPLE!

  78. Grepoplayer says:

    Whats going to happen when you know, i lose my 600 fireships becuase of this update. Do i get anything in return or am i just screwed becuase of this.

  79. SJ says:

    Personally, I’m glad to see 90% of the new changes. The 10% I’m not so happy about are a small price to pay. I’ve got no sympathy for the people who are still whining about the update from 1.0 – some folks just don’t like change.

    That said, some of the complaints and suggestions have merit; it does seem that some players are going to get nerfed on this (players engaged in Age of Wonders end-games, for example).

    Not me; I’m sitting on about 3000 triremes (heh heh heh). The slow speed was never an issue, I’d be happy with the Attack & Defence boosts, retaining the slower speed (or vice-versa)… Although historically, triremes were actually faster than biremes (bigger sails & twice as many oars).

    The boosts to mythic units are very welcome and long overdue; they’ve been one step from useless for far too long. Given that they cost Favour at all, mythics *should* have an advantage in terms of attack & defence vs their population costs.

    The only change to mythics I’m not happy about is the reductions to Pegasus; reckon that needs a rethink, we could use one decent flying defence unit. The change to make Centaurs defensive strikes me as very odd; it makes more sense to retain and improve their attack capability. Likewise, I’d have thought making Medusas more expensive in pop but more powerful in defence would make more sense. The changes to minotaurs and cyclopes are welcome; as someone else said above, I can’t understand why some very vocal complainants about all this seem happy with units that serve no practical use.

    The changes to the prestige buildings are welcome and unexpected; the tactical considerations of these changes would mean a far greater variety of the buildings being used instead of finding Baths and Tower in virtually every single city on every server.

    Overall, I’m happy. We need new features now and then; Quests and Heroes welcome, buffing the mythics long overdue. My few gripes are far outweighed by the positives.

  80. Clan of Quresh says:

    Hey fellow Grepoholics,

    The main problem I have with the game is time. Thats what really needs to be addressed. You can only play the game based on how much time you have and we need a system that allows you to play effectively by logging in a few hours per day max rather than creating a game that seems to encourage 12+ hours per day of activity (otherwise your at a disadvantage). At the moment to play the game efficiently you have to detach yourself from reality and commit most your life to this game. farming villages even with captain is a ridiculously long process, most the administrator options are useless and over complicated, and once you reach a 100000 points your better off starting a new world as playing becomes a chore rather than fun. We need an idea that can keep the game quick and efficient even when you have 1000000 points. Maybe have a group system that allows you to allocate bims cities , ls cities, troop cities etc and then allow one click builds for all cities within that group. So you effectively have all your builds going within a few mins. leaving you more time to actually play the game. The same goes for farming we need a loot all cities over 80% morale button and a farm all cities button. The more you play the game the more you get bogged down by admin and the less you feel like playing. We need a update that allows you to play the game without theses annoyances. I have just highlighted 2 areas but the island quests, and seasonal challenges all seem to be designed around taking up all your time rather than having fun.