The Grepolisscore & Awards Part I

Hey fellow Players,

Today I share with you some insights into our new feature the Grepolisscore which is one of the greatest things I am working on.

It focuses on awards as they have been a barely visible part of the game for a long time.

As proposed by you, we will make them much more visible upfront and enable you to specifically hunt for them.

By unlocking an award or a new award level on a game world you will then earn different number of Grepolisscore for your account.


But what about all the awards you have unlocked until now?

Knowing that we have a lot of active Grepolis Veterans we made sure that all awards you have unlocked until now will be added to your Grepolisscore.

Even those Awards from worlds that have already been closed will be added to your Score.

This means that the total Grepolisscore is calculated globally and that it will increase by playing on multiple worlds.

So you will be rewarded with Grepolisscore again when you unlock the same award on another world. You will be able to check out the number of Grepolisscore you have earned on other worlds via info page too.



Is there more stuff accompanying it?

Yes. In addition I can tell you that we are going to add more than 100 new awards in the context of the Grepolisscore to the game. This will make hunting, completing and unlocking awards for the Grepolisscore even more interesting challenge.

There are different kinds of awards. A bunch of new awards will require some tactical cleverness, some will require a lot of effort and there are others you will achieve by playing over a longer period of time. Here are some of the new ones.






So that is it for now, but I will keep you updated on that topic with my next post.



As Game Designer i'm doing my best to provide you with new game features, events and gameplay improvements. Therefore i analyze & play the game likewise to experience and feel the needs of a player. Reading the forums gathering and discussing feedback with my team and the community is part of this as well.

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8 comments on “The Grepolisscore & Awards Part I
  1. Mim le Fay says:

    What about the old worlds and closed worlds? Will you create for this Grepolis scores as well?

    The second questions is, if you created so many wonderful awards, I kindly ask you to think of a fantastic certificate, with all details, awards, most points, ranks and so on, send as PDF-Document on the last registered E-Mail Address, if the player leaved a world or if the world finished?

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Mim le Fay,
      for the old worlds and closed ones your account will retroactively receive all Grepolisscore for the awards you have earned there in the past. So everything you achieved there will contribute to your Grepolisscore.
      Concerning your second interesting question, if we thought of giving out a (PDF-)certificate at the end of the server to all players, i have to admit that i didnt have that on my mind.
      But this might be a proposal to discuss for future updates with the team.
      Thank you 🙂

      • Mim le Fay says:

        I think, it will be also a nice thought, to create a wall paper for this, so the player has a memory on the time, as he played Grepolis together with us.

        • Nils U. says:

          Hi mim le Fay,
          concerning a wallpaper with a highly polished illustration and fitting in the illustration im not sure if this will be done looking at the effort and the small amount of player who would receive it.

  2. Darthus says:

    This looks very promising. I hope you have a lot of fun coding this and bring this as soon as possible on Beta.

    Cheers guys

    • Nils U. says:

      Hey Darthus,
      i can just speak for myself as a Designer but its blast to work on it and seeing how all comes together. But from what the developers tell me they like coding on this feature as much as i do.

  3. kylehob says:

    Hi :). Great idea here.

    I was wondering how daily awards such as attacker/defender of the day will fit into this?

    • Nils U. says:

      Hey Kylehob,
      thanks for the question, we were also having some discussions on this topic here.
      For the daily awards we decided that although you can unlock them everyday, we will provide the Grepolisscore only once per world for every daily award.
      This is done for several reasons but the most important are:

      1. There is the interface issue. How to display that you already unlocked that daily award and got the Grepolisscore for it e.g. but now you can unlock it again and get the Grepolisscore score again. (This would get visually very confusing as we found out when tinkering with some options.
      2. At a certain age of the world when only very fiew powerful players are left nearly always the same guy would get the Grepolisscore for unlocking the combat dailys for example every day. That would make the total Grepolisscore pointless.

      That’s why we said – yes you should get Grepolisscore for being the best player on one day but only one time.
      That’s a fair approach and easy to grasp.