Community update: week 9 & 10

Dear Community,

It’s time for another Community update. Let’s get to all the good stuff, shall we?

Research, preparations & more changes to come!

Yesterday we started testing the announced changes to the island quest system that Andreas has outlined for us a while back on our public beta worlds. These changes are extensive and range from reworked task requirements to improved rewards. You can find a full list of all changes on our beta forums.

Testing and feedback for these changes are of course appreciated. If you have any feedback, please share it either in the comment section below or directly on our beta forums.

Since the last update, we have invested some more time for performance research and improvements. While we know that neither of the solutions we have found so far will be the holy grail for all scenarios involving high volumes of commands, we are still looking forward to putting recent code changes to a test on our beta worlds – to get results under more realistic conditions. So far we could see some smaller improvements that we hope will lessen the difficulties at least a bit for affected players.

Last but not least we have invested some time to look into potential layout improvements for our forums. As all of InnoGames’ game forums are going to use a similar base style in the near future, this is both a great opportunity and a challenge for us. We will soon be able to share some mockups and general information about the prerequisites with you – in a separate DevBlog article. Keep your eyes peeled!


We released v2.133 this week, making the following 3 heroes available outside their events, meaning that they are now available with the regular hero recruitment rotation: Aristotle, Agamemnon, and Christopholus.

Additionally we released some smaller adjustments that are part of big bundle of Island Quest changes and required in order to be able to go forward: Enabling mythical units to be sent to “Rally Troops” quests, using population to determine how many troops need to be sent to rally troops, using each player’s biggest city on an island to determine quest difficulty and potentially increasing the amount of Coins of War and Wisdom you can earn for each Island Quest.

Next version preview

The sprint for version 2.134 is ending this week. This time around, we implemented another change for the Island Quest system: Quests will become more readily available if you have been away for a while. Instead of having to wait a long time for the quest to appear, there will be quests available in a very timely manner once you return. Additionally, we spent some more time reworking how commands are handled in order to achieve some potential performance improvements and took all necessary steps to revive a feature some of you really liked: being able to have some changes in the game graphics for special occasions.

The current update schedule for v2.134 is as follows:

Tuesday, March 21st: NL, SE and SK market
Wednesday, March 22nd: international roll-out

The aforementioned changes will, of course, become available earlier on our beta community for your testing convenience. See you around!

Weekly stats
The following statistics represent activity between February 23rd and March 8th:


New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #9 2968 3100 3.64 616 4.18
Week #10 2963 3098 3.32 602 4.11


Status Browser Mobile All
Open 21 1 22
Reported 32 3 35
Solved 14 2 16

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