Community update: week 19 & 20

Dear Community,

we have a fresh community update for you.
Here is what you need to know for calendar weeks 19 and 20:

Suprises in upcoming months

We have quite some surprises planned for this summer and our development team is currently investing some time on making these possible while still providing you with regular updates.  

One thing that we can already disclose is the celebration of another special world that is about to be released in July – EN100.
Our French community already celebrated their 100th world recently with a popular special game setting for their most experienced players. For EN100 we will follow their lead and offer a world with a special configuration that is not usually available for regular worlds. Keep your eyes peeled on the English forums as they reveal more details in the upcoming weeks.

Additionally we are going to have another special celebration this year. As some of you know, we are celebrating InnoGames’ 10 year anniversary in 2017. And for Grepolis we are going to become just a little nostalgic! Our plans are still top secret at the moment, but you can already look forward to upcoming announcements for this summer. Until then, keep checking our social pages to not miss any information on the anniversary celebrations!

Last but not least, we also have some special plans to keep our community involved in the processes around the development of Grepolis. So stay tuned!


This week we released the browser version of v2.138 and prepared everything for the accompanying mobile release.

With this version, the biggest chunk of island quest changes is activated on all live worlds, meaning you will now have more challenging, but also more rewarding island quests.
As the changes are extensive, we have wrapped them up in a dedicated wiki article so you can learn all about the details.

Furthermore we activated some performance improvements on select language versions to analyze the impact and react quickly to potential errors. In case this performance change was activated for your market, it was noted in the respective changelog. Other markets are to follow soon. In an ideal case, these changes should not be very visible but ease the load on your browsers in situations with a lot of commands being issued towards one of your towns.

Additionally we invested some sprint time in improvements for the app, adding auto-completion for the recipient field for messages, including more trade options for the market place and providing additional information about the existence of reports that can only be viewed in the browser version of the game. Furthermore we rephrased the setting to display/hide notifications about uncovered ingredients for our Demeter and Fall event and implemented the aforementioned island quest changes for the mobile version.

Next version preview

This week we are concluding the work on version 2.139. With this version we introduce two new heroes to the game – Daidalos and Telemachos. However, they will not become available immediately as one of them is reserved as a reward for an upcoming event while the other was merely prepared for implementation at a later point in time.

Additionally we spent some time on preparations for the next upcoming event wrapped up the implementation of island quests in the regular quest interface. The latter should provide you with a better overview about open and upcoming quests and will make the handling said quests easier and more intuitive to new players.

The current update schedule for v2.139 is as follows:

Tuesday, May 30th: NL, SE and SK market
Wednesday, May 31st: international roll-out

The interface changes for island quests are already active on public beta worlds and can be tested by every single one of you. We’re looking forward to your comments!

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between May 4th and May 17th:


New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #19 2577 2793 2.89 438 4.25
Week #20 2551 2790 3.38 521 4.00


Status Browser Mobile All
Open 8 1 9
Reported 13 2 15
Solved 12 2 14

And that’s it. See you for the next update in two weeks!


As Lead Community Manager and passionate gamer, Steffi knows of the importance of transparent information sharing while keeping an eye on the needs of both players & development team. She takes community feedback and makes your voice heard at InnoGames!

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12 comments on “Community update: week 19 & 20
  1. Ikari says:


    we need a flying mystical unit with distance attack!

    Is it posible to transform erinys into a flying unit?

    Players would create more swordsmen to defend their conquests!

  2. Ikari says:

    Game description: “In Greek mythology the Erinys were supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. The Erinys emerged from the drops of blood of Uranus”.

    New Concept: erinys attack through the underworld, so they do not need boats to carry them.

    • bernardgra says:

      Hello Ikari, I do understand the need for a flying distance unit, but we do not intend on changing the existing units. There are plans to add new units to the game to fill some non-existing roles, but this is not something that we are working on at the moment. Also, we have to think about all the consequences of adding a new type of unit to the game, so it takes a bit of time to study and prepare.

  3. Ikari says:

    “but we do not intend on changing the existing unit”…

    why not? could be more simple and less work.


    • bernardgra says:

      Hello Ikari,
      Because this unit currently fills out a role, and many players use them. Like I said we do have plans to add new units to the game, but especially when it comes to units we cannot take it lightly there are a lot of aspects to consider so it will take some time.

  4. Amazon-King says:

    Hello, devs

    Can you edit grepo wiki page to have new upcoming event and provide any intel into what kind of upcoming heroes will be, their role and specs.

    • Steffi says:

      Hey Amazon-King,

      We usually don’t announce events a long time in advance to keep the surprise for our players. Therefore we also don’t have a list of upcoming events available on our wiki.
      However, soon before an event starts you can usually find an announcement for the event on our forums and a corresponding new wiki article about the event on our wiki (unless it is a recurring event).

      As for upcoming heroes, we have implemented Daidalos today. He will be exclusive to the upcoming next event for the time being and support the construction of biremes. Other heroes are in preparation as well but not yet ready to be disclosed. Keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

      • Amazon-King says:

        Thank you for your answer, makes sense even tho Hades Portal was announced almost a week in advance in wiki page.

  5. jdjones says:

    I would like to submit that you consider changing the hero Heracles. He is currently being used to provide unlimited favor to the point that you no longer need active players to do well. Maybe max him out at 500 favor gain a day.

    Also the new bandit camps and having to use BP to get farms is hard on old school players. It makes getting those first 10 or so cities very slow. So much so that many of us are playing our last world.

    • bernardgra says:

      Hello jdjones,

      About Heracles, right now he generates favor whenever a battle is where at least 50 battle points are generated. I don’t see how he can generate unlimited favor without active players. There are methods for making him generate favor, but that requires planning and coordination between players. Wouldn’t you think that is a game strategy?

      About the new Farming Village system, I can understand that it is harder to get used to. But the new system promotes more fighting which in turn generates more strategy decisions and player interaction, we truly believe that this improves the quality of the game in many ways.

      I would love to hear more fo what you think about it.


  6. TaylorSahara says:


    A couple new mythical units would be amazing.. Maybe then includes a new god hey 😉

    Ever thought about adding a female unit in (to join slinger, hoplite etc).. Just a thought

    • bernardgra says:

      Hello TayloSahara,

      That is indeed a good insight, adding new units is always a tough ordeal because we must keep the balancing, but if and when we do I will make sure we remember this.