Community Update: week 17 & 18

Dear Community,

Time flies, doesn’t it?
It’s time for a new community update. Let’s see what there is to share this week, shall we?

Ongoing island quest improvements and more information on settlements

The past weeks we have continued working on the island quest changes that have been outlined earlier this year by our Game Designer Andreas. As these changes are extensive and touch a lot of areas, they are implemented in several steps. So far we tested most of them on beta only and then released them on select live worlds.

After reviewing your valuable feedback (and seeing non-stackable effects as an immediate result of concerns about rewards being too powerful), we have now decided to activate the biggest batch of changes globally with version 2.138, while continuing the work on interface changes and new quests for some more versions to come.

Additionally, our Game Designers and Artists have sat together to improve upon the settlement interface, explaining the process to new players while giving more information about all the requirements and results of a settlement (e.g. showing a number of points the newly founded city will have). We are planning to briefly test this along with the colonization research changes on a new beta world soon. So keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement for this new world on our beta forums.

Finally there was another reason to celebrate this week: Our legal team had a significant success in their ongoing battle against illegal bots and scripts! Thanks for the close collaboration! <3


Version 2.137 was released this week. With this update, we changed how farming villages are generated on new islands. As they used to be generated randomly, it could happen that they offered the same trading options multiple times, meaning that you could have been facing 6 farming villages offering you to trade wood for silver in some very extreme cases. But even if just 3 or 4 trade options were the same, it didn’t feel right. Therefore any farming villages generated on islands after the update are limited to 2 of the same trade option type, offering more variety.

Furthermore, we tackled some issues with overriding effects not being removed properly and enabled different ordering mechanisms for bundles displayed in the in-game shop.

The updates took place on May 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Next version preview

We are concluding the work on sprint v2.138 this week. In this version, we put our focus back on the planned island quest changes and started the implementation of island quests in the regular quest log. This will likely be continued with v2.139, meaning that the changes will take another while before they become visible for all players.

While the interface changes won’t be visible immediately, we will already activate the island quest changes for rewards, quest objectives and difficulty with this version. The changes have been tested thoroughly on beta and some select live worlds and the feedback has been very positive so far, therefore we are looking forward to activating this for all of you.

Additionally, we worked on some topics concerning our mobile app. These include added information about reports that may only be viewed in the browser version (previously empty reports), enabling the filter “All, but enemies” for the marketplace and improving the description of pop-up notifications about found provisions in the Demeter event.

The current update schedule for v2.138 is as follows:

Tuesday, May 16th: NL, SE and SK market
Wednesday, May 17th: international roll-out

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between April 20th and May 3rd:


New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #17 3255 3467 3.14 688 4.19
Week #18 2741 2998 4.12 599 4.23


Status Browser Mobile All
Open 8 1 9
Reported 16 1 17
Solved 20 0 20

See you in  2 weeks!

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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6 comments on “Community Update: week 17 & 18
  1. HBB-1 says:

    Did you adjust de defense bonus to Max 5% and attack to max 10 % ?

    • Steffi says:

      Defense bonuses are 5% for rare and 10% for epic versions and can no longer be stacked with weaker effects, unless they are event-specific.
      Same applies for attack bonuses, however they are set to 10% for rare and 20% for epic versions respectively.

      You can get more information on the changes made for the island quest rebalancing in our wiki. 🙂

      • hbb-1 says:

        In Update 2.41 was a rebalance the 10% en 20% def bonus
        cause it makes it imposible to conquer ww cities

        10% – 20% def def bonus is way over the top

        • Steffi says:

          There is not a single 20% defensive bonus currently.
          The new bonuses are capped to a maximum of 10% and can be countered by the respective attack bonus of up to 20%. 🙂

    • ...nyx says:

      As a night player i think this night bonus is bs. Like someone said when im sleeping during the day I don’t get a day bonus. Plus not everyone is from the U.S. so they too are on the backass end of this. I will voice my opinion bc lately they have been making some stupid ass changes to this game.

      On a side note I hate how I can’t loot my villages for resources nor attack them to get rid of bs troops I dont want anymore. Now it costs bp instead of giving u bp? Kind of a rip off. The old way, yes U might end up being the only one on ur island that levels up the farm and others get the benefit. But dammit give me the option to loot those bastards if im gonna have to use my bp up!!!!!

      • bernardgra says:

        Hello nyx,

        About the night bonus, this is something that players have been asking for for a while, that is why we are really trying it out now. But we do make available worlds with and without night bonus, so you can choose the one you prefer and play on that one :).

        In relation to the villages, a lot has been done with the intention of simplifying the system and creating more meaningful decisions for the players. In the process some options have to be dropped, but even thou we believe the village system improved by a large mile.