Community Update: week 15 & 16

Dear Community,

We hope you enjoyed a few days of easter peace time if that was the case in your community. Now let’s get back to the game with the community update for calendar weeks 15 and 16!

Easter event and more forum layout

Last week our easter event “Trial of the Slingers” started. Teach your young students and become the master of the slingers. How many eggs and shards have you gathered so far?

We also worked on two new designs for the forum layout after we received your feedback in the first devblog article. You can check them out here. What do you think about them? Give us your thoughts in the comments!


The updated to v2.136 took place this week. With this update, we implemented a community request: markers for incoming attack and support movements in the city drop-down list. This feature was already on mobile if you had an active administrator. It was about time we also implemented it in the browser version as well. But we decided to enable it for all players to have a more convenient game experience.

Furthermore, we took your feedback for island quest rewards into account and used this as an opportunity to work on the combination of some effects. Certain bonuses will not be stackable anymore which means they cannot be active at the same time. This applies especially to rare and epic effects as well as to Heightened and Divine Senses.

We also plan to integrate island quests into the normal quest log for a better overview. Therefore, the quest texts of island quests had to be shortened to fit into the smaller quest log layout. But we still keep their overall tonality and content.

Next version preview

We are concluding the work on sprint v2.137 this week.

Currently, the team is working on a community request to improve the way farming villages are generated on an island. Right now farming villages are randomly generated and islands could end up with 6 identical villages, which slows the player’s progression and looks like a bug to them. To change that, we want to avoid too many villages with identical trade options on one island. So we will limit the number of identical farming villages per island to 2.This will ensure that no more than 2 farming villages on an island can trade the same resources.

We will also continue with the island quest changes. As mentioned before we plan to integrate the island quests into the normal quest log to give the players a better overview. This is another feature that has been on mobile already and many players liked it. You will no longer have to switch to the map to accept an island quest. Instead, it will be possible to accept and finish the island quests directly in the city.

The current update schedule for v2.137 is as follows:

Tuesday, May 2nd: NL, SE and SK market
Wednesday, May 3rd: international roll-out

You can already test some of the aforementioned changes on our beta worlds. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between April 6th and April 19th:


New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #15 3103 3255 3.26 728 4.37
Week #16 3000 3216 3.21 715 4.15


Status Browser Mobile All
Open 13 0 13
Reported 25 1 26
Solved 15 0 15


See you in  2 weeks!

Looking for answers to the important questions, like: Why have we never been to an empty room?

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8 comments on “Community Update: week 15 & 16
  1. Emperor says:

    In regards to stackable rewards being discontinued… I don’t find it fair for community goals and other buffs to stack. A person with the community BP buff could potentially have 5 or 6X BP which is hardly fair when heightened senses and divine senses don’t stack.

    • bernardgra says:

      When selecting what powers would and would not be stackable, we decided that event rewarded powers would still be stackable with the regular powers. That is a constant for every player, so if a community goal is achieved for example, all players will be able to use divine or heightened senses and achieve a larger BP boost.

  2. Emperor says:

    Also, another thing… Would you please consider adding the new building levels, researches, heroes, etc.. to Hyperborea? Artemis was added to Hyper and I would like to see the other features included as well.

    • bernardgra says:

      Will be looking into it, and evaluate what are the possible repercussions for a change like that. But I can’t promise anything yet. 🙂

  3. Mim le Fay says:

    May I give you a thought for Helena on Revolt-Worlds?

    I play Grepolis on a revolt-world and I use Helena on Level 20, mostly with flying units. And every time, when the wall in the empty city is high, helena was beaten and no unit else was destroyed.
    Due to my mind, that can not be the task of a really hero, that it was beaten at first, and after it all other units. The most problem for me is, that I can not use her several times, as I do it with the flying units, I have to wait, until I can apply her again.

    Please be so kind to to discuss, if there is a possibility to be revised?

    • bernardgra says:

      I can understand your frustration. I will look into it but keep in mind that the combat system in Grepolis is very complex and touches a lot of other areas, so a change in this system is not something we take lightly so the chances of changing something like this are not really high.