Community update: week 23 & 24

Dear community,

Another week means yet another community update. We hope you will enjoy reading this week’s post and leave some comments!

Greek Cup – let’s get the ball rolling

Have you seen our new awesome video? Bernard (Game Designer) and Anna (Lead Community Manager) are describing the new version of Grepolympia – The Greek Cup:

We really hope you will enjoy the event and we are already looking forward to reading your opinions! How do you like it? Is it better than previous versions of Grepolympia?


Last week, the game was updated to the version 2.165. With this update, we brought to the game a new version of city sorting to the island overview. We also improved the visualization of the alliance rights. Instead of just green and yellow boxes, you will see green check-marks, which should be better recognizable by colorblind people. The update brought also to the game many bugfixes, including small improvements to the ranking, which was not always updating properly. Additionally, we solved an issue with wall level not being visible in published reports and added missing translations to the ‘Publish’ button in the Reports window. Moreover, graphics of Heroes in the Council of Heroes window are not blurry anymore and attempting to open temple from senate won’t result in an error message.

Next version preview – v2.166

This update will add to the game a few confirmation windows which will provide a warning before making certain actions in the game. If you want all your supporting units to return to your town and click the ‘Return all units’ button in the Defense tab in Agora, you will get a confirmation window, which will prevent sending back all the supporting units by accident. Moreover, it might happen that while deleting multiple offers on the marketplace, you won’t have enough storage capacity in one or more of your cities to get all the resources back. In such case, a window with a warning will show up before deleting the offers.

The update will take place on Tuesday, June 26 for NL, SE and SK markets and on Wednesday, June 27 for other international markets.

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between Mat 31st and June 13th:

New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #23   1505 1367 4.51 314 4.25
Week #24  1976 1815 3.92 436 4.2


Status Browser Mobile All
Open  7  1  8
Reported  14  2  16
Resolved  8  3  11

Have a great week! 🙂


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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