Community update: week 21 & 22

Dear community,

We are thrilled to bring you yet another community update.

Upcoming world starts and Domination

Do you remember Domination endgame that Bernard mentioned in his last blog posts? Next week we will start 21 new worlds and 3 of them (hu46, nl61 and dk38 language versions) will start with no endgame. Those few worlds are planned to be the first test worlds for the new endgame. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Hungarian, Dutch nor Danish – more worlds with Domination will come in the future. You can find a full list of upcoming worlds below:

Planned start World World name
11.06.2018 en108 Istros
11.06.2018 fr110 Lentini
11.06.2018 br75 Mochlos
11.06.2018 ru64 Аполлония
11.06.2018 hu46 Actium
11.06.2018 pt52 Elis
11.06.2018 no35 Juktas
11.06.2018 us72 Katane
12.06.2018 nl61 Rizinia
12.06.2018 sk41 Pella
12.06.2018 cz45 Zakros
12.06.2018 pl71 Hermonassa
12.06.2018 ar30 Trapezus
12.06.2018 se38 Naxos
12.06.2018 dk38 Marathon
13.06.2018 it59 Paro
13.06.2018 tr35 Lamia
13.06.2018 de95 Mesembria
13.06.2018 gr49 Delos
13.06.2018 ro49 Delos
13.06.2018 es72 Catania


Last week, the game was updated to the version 2.164. With this update, we added to the game a possibility to delete a whole page of market offers at once as well as publish up to 20 reports at the same time. We also fixed a few bugs which included fixing the wrong name which was displayed in the “Previous Owner” column in the Reservation Tool after taking over a reserved ghost town. Also, if mythical units are thee only land units used to start a siege on a town and god is changed in the besieging town, siege will be broken, which was not the case before the update. Additionally, we fixed the issue which caused the Heightened/Divine senses not to be applied on battle experience while defending the city.

mass delete feature Grepolis

Next version preview – v2.165

This update will bring to the game a new version of city sorting in the island overview as well as some visibility improvements to the alliance rights window. The visualization of the alliance rights has been changed to improve gaming experience for colorblind players. Instead of green box, the rights will be marked with green check-marks.


With the update we will also fix a few bugs including the wall level which was not displayed in published reports. Additionally, attempt to open temple from senate should not result in an error message anymore.

The update will take place on Tuesday, June 12 for NL, SE and SK markets and on Wednesday, June 13 for other international markets.

Weekly stats

The following statistics represent activity between 3rd and 16th May:

New tickets Answered tickets Av. resp. time Rated tickets Av. rating
Week #21  1889 17725  4.44  452  3.97
Week #22  1571  1412  4.82  395  4.23


Status Browser Mobile All
Open  10  2  12
Reported  28  3  31
Resolved  20  4  24

Enjoy your week! 🙂


My main goal as a Lead Community Manager is to make sure players are happy and enjoy their time playing Grepolis.

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4 comments on “Community update: week 21 & 22
  1. Vekt says:

    Do you intend to make a test world for the french community as well?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Vekt 🙂

      If in the future we will plan to test the new endgame on the French market, players will be informed about it on the forums. So keep an eye on the world announcements. 🙂


  2. Gregor says:

    Hello Anna and welcome to your new job spot,

    i have a simple question as i am a bit confused regarding the list of worlds you provided at the top…

    can you explain if those worlds have World wonders endgame, no endgame or new domination endgame?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Gregor 🙂
      At this moment those worlds don’t have any endgame set up. When we are done with development of Domination endgame, it will be enabled on those worlds. Unless some technical issues occur which will prevent us from enabling it. In such case the World Wonders endgame will be set up on those worlds. We will keep our Players updated on the topic. 🙂