Visible world wonder donations

Hey folks,
today i’m gonna show you some of our work again .
This is about one request which your community managers forwarded and then discussed with us on the possible solutions.

The request:

Make make it possible for specific alliance members (e.g. Leaders) to see how much every alliance member donated to the world wonders up to now.

So what im gonna show you know is a simple mockup of what we came up with and iterated on with the community managers.


  1. The “Members Donation” screen is opened by a new icon on the bubble menue at every wonder on the the ww-overview. (right picture)
  2. As default option the screen will display the info on all wonders of the alliances summed up.
  3. That can be switched via the drop down menu to a specific wonder (top left).
  4. The amount of donations of all current/former members is summed up and displayed so you see how much the alliance already accomplished. This  (top middle number)
  5. Below that all players currently being part of the alliance are listed/ranked by the total  amount of resources they donated to all or a specific wonder.
  6. Single types of resources are displayed and summed up to a total.
  7. For a quick overview you get the players %-share of the resources  of the current listed players. (Remember the upper total score contains donations of former and current members)
  8. A search function on the bottom enables you to check on a specif player.
  9. Last but not least their is a new rights management in the alliance providing you control to en/disable this view for specific alliance members.

Hope you like how we want to fulfill that request for you.
Im looking forward to read your constructive feedback and thoughts on that topic.




As Game Designer i'm doing my best to provide you with new game features, events and gameplay improvements. Therefore i analyze & play the game likewise to experience and feel the needs of a player. Reading the forums gathering and discussing feedback with my team and the community is part of this as well.

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12 comments on “Visible world wonder donations
  1. Thasoss says:

    I really appreciate your work! I am looking forward and I hope that ally leaders will use this opportunity to check their members and eventually kick the useless ones out. Actually, the awards for winning a world are devalued as everybody can be winner while he doesn’t do anything to reach it.

    However, I miss a column ‘Cities’ next to the ‘Player name’ in the screenshot. Gaps in meaning of number of cities can be several tens or 100+ between members, so value of donation doesn’t say anything by itself at all. Or anything else which would represent economical strength of the player but I don’t have a detailed idea about that.

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Thasoss,
      its good to see that this is appreciated like the community mangers told us 🙂
      Concerning that additional column for displaying cities. In the first place i would say yes that makes sense so you can compare the donations a little better. I’m not sure if players playing so long up to the world wonders are not going to check the players progress in general but probably your right. I’ll give it a second thought and also check check if there would be enough space to fit another column in.
      Thanks for your constructive feedback
      Chees nils

  2. 19LEXX81 says:

    I do not think that this new feature is that what the community wants for the Endgame .

    Since years the German community was told that is working on a new Endgame still time will be invested in something that actually should be changed ?

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi 19LEXX81,
      thats why we have community mangers which check on requests for all communities and i can tell you that this is a wanted feature which was requested by several communities. So while you’re playing the world wonders the way they are you can enjoy that bonus info soon.
      There is many fields were we add small improvements which later on could need changes or modifications because of other features coming into the game. That’s a normal thing in game development. The same counts for with this donation overview. If later on we need to adapt parts of it we will.
      Thank you

  3. Mim le Fay says:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    With astonishment, I read this article. As I understand in the past 3 years from several postings from your company and game designers that building of world wonders shouldn’t no longer remain the sole end-game scenario. But now you informed us that the transmission of resources is much more important, and you do it with this new feature?
    For me personally, and I think I am not alone, is the sending of resources to world wonders so boring that I can imagine. And now, a little competition which is already monitored of the Alliance Leadership, is also not the right incentive. From my point of view as an Allianz Leader, I find it unsatisfactory; to monitor how much resource has sent every single player. And the questions will come from the other players, please believe that this is certainly true.

    As we are in the Forum DE currently without full-time CM I allow myself to transfer a few questions from the Forum DE here in the DevBlog.

    In the construction of wonders of the world, is an Change of the Alliance “Alliance Hopping” for donate all the resources certainly normal. How the resources of the players appear for, who to donate even just fix in building Alliance jump and then return to the wing.
    How to be count goods in the Christmas peacetime, which will be sent back?
    When will the system these resources be counted if they are sent or when they arrive at the WW? What will happen, when the delivery was canceled, broken or just sent back?
    What happens to favor supplies? Is there a counting as well?

    Will we find more of these verification procedures in the new end game scenario? When will you introduce it to us?

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi Mim le fay,
      i will try to answer to your questions or statements as much as i can and thanks for bringing those up here 🙂

      1. As far as i know we didnt say that the transmission of resources is “much more important” than specific other topics. We just said that this was a strongly requested mediocre feature which we said we could and should provide for you. That doesnt mean that other changes cant/or wont be happening in the future. 🙂

      2. Concerning monitoring the donations could be boring.
      Yes, if you only would be monitoring that sure it would be a boring thing to do but to quickly check on your members progress in total or on a specific player to optimize his/hers participation is a helpful tool for the alliance(leaders). The choice of making it a competition in the alliance is clearly and by intention given to the alliance leaders by granting them the rights management system. You wanna monitor? Limit it to leaders only. You want some more competition or pressure grant the right to everyone. Thats up to you and your way of leading the ally.

      3. Do you count the resources when they are being send or when they arrive?
      We decided to count them when they have arrived. That minimizes the risk of issues concerning returning ships, going to vacation, getting banned or deleted,… Which answers your question concerning “cancled, broken sending them back too

      4. How are we counting the resource in christmas peace time, which will be sent back?
      We only count resources which have been delivered/that arrived so if resources would ping back they wouldnt count.

      5.What happens to favor supplies? Is there a counting as well?
      The feature request was focusing on the resources, so we currently dont want to enlarge the size of the feature by adding a favor overview too. Besides that i would consider monitoring the resource donations in connection to the size of players empires (amount cities) more meaningful than the the favor droppings. But if this should come up in the communities as a frequent request we will consider it.

      6. What about Alliance hopping (e.g. Players quickly joining the alliance dropping resources and favor to the wonders then leaving and then others do the same..)?
      We are also currently working on a simple solution to stop the “Resource + Favor dropping by alliance hopping” so this then wouldnt be happening again. But if one gets released befor the other then you would see the donation of those “hoppers” in the overview at the total summed up count on top, which makes sense as it should show the alliance progress. And as long as the “hoppers” are in the alliance they would be temporarily on the list below.

      So i hope i could answer the questions from you and your fellow friends in the forums .
      Now, i hope that’s okay for you, i would like to add and answer three more additional questions which i think might also be helpful to you guys.

      7.Do you really want to display former players in the list and if so can you point those out?
      No we wont display the former players in the list but their donations will be part of the total donations displayed in the top middle. We first considered showing all former players in the list too (and pointing them out) but depending on the time the alliance existed it would end up in a gigantic list to scroll and handle. And as the goal was to display who of your current ally members is participating in the ww you don’t need those formers members on the detailed list. But we wanted to give you an overlook of your total progression so that nothing gets lost thats why we have current+former players resource donations in that number on the top.

      8. How do you calculate the percentages on the most right column, do you use the total sum on top (current+former player) or only of those currently listed players?
      We calculate the percentages based on the current players on the table in order to keep the comparability.

      9. Wouldn’t it make sense to add another indicator to evaluate if the player is donating a fair amount?
      A: Yes. We had a discussion on that topic and there was an idea by a player that might work out as well. So we currently are checking if it would be possible to fit in the amount of cities of the players. So you can compare better because else it might be looking like “Hey that guy A has spent 5.000.000 that’s awesome! Here look at player B only 100.000 what a greedy dude!” But if you then could find out Player A had 200 cities and B only 10 cities that would make quiet a difference.

      You probably recognized that i didnt answer when somebody will introduce a new end game scenario to you.
      That is because I honestly cant tell you when that will happen, this is a decision which is still to be made by the team.

      If you got that far reading all the questions and answers thanks for taking the time.
      Enjoy and feel free to ask additional questions.

  4. Atom says:

    Very goog idea… I hope it will be possible to use this new feature as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much.

    • Nils U. says:

      Thank you Atom,
      yes you will be soon able to use this new feature, we are already working on it.
      You’re welcome and enjoy the new overview
      Cheers Nils

  5. bmxgrepolis says:

    Hey Nils!

    When it comes to wonders of the world stage, the server always takes to upgrade …
    My question is, when it reaches the limit of points to open the season of wonders you need a moderator or the server automatically updates and opens the phase of the Wonders of the World?

    Thank you!

    • Nils U. says:

      Hi bmxgrepolis,
      no we dont have a moderator sitting their and waiting to hit the red button, we got a super smart well fed hamster doing that for us XD
      Just me being goofy. The world wonder wonder phase will be started by the system automatically, so we dont need that many hamsters in the office 😉
      Cheers Nils

      • bmxgrepolis says:

        Thank you Nils!

        I have another question, the server takes as long to update?

        Because sometimes it is not when we got the points but always takes a little time ..

        • Nils U. says:

          Hi again,
          concerning the time it take to update it might be that this takes some time. But thats actually something our devs would have to look into.
          Sorry thats my kind of topic.