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New endgame: Domination [UPDATED]

All right guys, still have some work to do on the feedback you provided but this is the most updated version of the new Domination endgame. With these changes we should tackle the following raised concerns: Foundation tactics Vacation mode

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Proposed changes to Researches

[UPDATE] 14/11/2017 – Changed cost of research points on some of the proposed changes. Old “new” values are marked in red. Hello guys, It has been for some time that we want to update some of the technologies to make

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Early colonizations -The fight for survival of new players

Hey you! Today I’m gonna present to you an improvement for the early game phase of Grepolis. We consider it to be specifically helpful to new players and to be appreciated by the adaptable longtime players as it offers more

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Island Quest Update

Hello! My name is Andreas and I am a former Game Designer of Grepolis. Today I will give you an overview about the upcoming changes to the Island Quests that I have come up with. In the first update we

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The Grepolisscore & Awards Part II

Hey guys, on my last post i started telling you about the Grepolisscore. I told you why we started working on it, what that Grepolisscore is, how Grepolisscore can be earned and about the new awards coming to the game.

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The Grepolisscore & Awards Part I

Hey fellow Players, Today I share with you some insights into our new feature the Grepolisscore which is one of the greatest things I am working on. It focuses on awards as they have been a barely visible part of the game for

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Easier Alliance Entry

In terms of our accessibility improvements that were mentioned on the roadmap for the first quarter of 2016, we want to simplify the way how to get into an alliance. Joining an alliance is a very useful way for new

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New city tooltips?

Wow, it’s already been two months since my last article here … time to show you some more stuff we are currently working on. First, about showing different city states more graphically on the map, namely: cities during  noob protection

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After receiving some feedback about the currently very crowded UI, we had several discussions about what we could do to save some space and bring an additional cool thing to the game. This is when the idea came up to

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Runtime “simulator”

From time to time we just have those small, random ideas that sound pretty good and would be easy to implement, but we are sometimes not sure if they will have any obscure side effects. So we thought why not

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